About Us

We are a results-driven digital marketing agency.
Our expertise: helping our clients drive growth through digital channels.

We provide brands with social media strategy, platform management, influencer marketing, paid media, and creative services.
At Ori Kraus, we deliver measurable results through thoughtful, inventive, performance-based digital strategies, and meticulous tactical execution, tailor-made for our clients’ needs.

Some more about Us

We are passionate about what we do.
We believe in the creative process, and aim to craft authentic social-native content, with eye-catching, beautifully produced, visuals. We believe in people, too; collaboration is an incredible power which creates a positive ripple effect for our team and clients alike.

Our clients are our partners.
We maintain transparency in everything we do, and make sure it’s clearly communicated and received.
We continuously monitor and evaluate creative to optimize its performance.
We embrace change and are not afraid to alter course as needed.